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Sometimes a single picture isn’t enough to explore an idea fully or maybe an image sparks other similar ones on a common theme. Projects can last anything from an hour to many years. Here are a few I’ve been working on; I’ll add more as and when the inspiration strikes…
Growth and Decay: Nature is a rich source of textures, patterns, shapes and forms. Using double exposures, I set out to produce an impressionistic, sometimes semi-abstract series of images of the natural world, recording nature’s cycle of growth, survival and eventual decay. Each image was created by combining two exposures in-camera, both images being taken at the same location, often within a few metres of each other and separated by only a few minutes in time. By merging shape and texture, detail and distance, growth and decay, I tried to make each final image convey a feeling of something greater than the sum of its parts.
River Foam: This is a series of images shot over the course of less than an hour exploring the constantly changing patterns of foam in an eddy on the River Blackwater near Little Garve in Ross-shire. I have sometimes shot single images of the abstract patterns made by river foam before but on this occasion the flow of water was such that the patterns were so dynamic and changing from second to second that I was transfixed and shot over fifty images in rapid succession. This is a selection of some of my favourites.